URPG Battle Replay Documentation



This project is an attempt to take text-based URPG battles and turn them into a format that is both easier for players to follow and easier to show off to potentially interested parties. The core of this project is the work already done by Smogon and their Pokemon Showdown engine. The goal is to understand how that engine works at a low-level, adapt it for use in URPG, and create a system to allow other players to create their own replays. This documentation will contain all information gathered about the process of scripting replays, as well as information about any additional projects that might be created to aid the process of creating replays.


Joining The Project

This is not an official URPG project, but if you would like to provide assistance, please reach out to JacenBoy#8374 on Discord and let me know how you would like to help.